Prarthanakkuttharam Nalkunnone: P. D. John

The Song “PRARTHANAKKUTTHARAM NALKUNNONE” has a very interesting background. When the committee was deciding on songs for the Maramon Convention, Alexander Tirumeni came running towards the committee. Tirumeni was very anxious to know the songs being selected for the convention.Director achen was assigning songs based on different categories. Achen asked what songs shall be assigned to the worship category.Immediately Tirumeni suggested some old and frequently sung songs.As he was suggesting the songs he made a remark that nowadays song writers can’t come up with such songs. They just want things done quickly and won’t work hard to create such foundational songs and then he looked at me and smiled.I felt very bad as Tirumeni knows very well that I have written so many songs. Tirumeni has personally encouraged me to write so many songs.Although this time he didn’t mention it directly to me but he encouraged me to write one.That day I had a conference at Adoor Youth Center. After singing the song for the conference,I had my dinner and went to sleep.At that time there was one more worker with me in the office. As both of us were going to take a nap,suddenly I got reminded of Tirumeni’s challenge he had made that morning.I got up immediately and started the tape recorder.I always have a small tape recorder with me. I started making a tune.To be honest I didn’t have to modify the tune.As the tune started pouring out from my heart automatically without my knowledge I started writing the lyrics for the song “PRARTHANAKKUTTHARAM NALKUNNONE”. Like that for the entire song I was able to get the tune and write the lyrics simultaneously. I haven’t had a experience like that before. I prayed and wrote that song.Immediately the brother who was sleeping next to me asked ”Sir last night you were humming some tune,what was that all about?”.I asked him to start the tape recorder and see.He started the tape recorder and started listening to the song.After listening to the song he jumped on his feet and said “Hal-le-lu-jah Sthothram”. He said “Sir this will be a world renowned song .It has been revealed to me”. That is how I accepted Tirumeni’s challenge and with a prayerful heart within 45 minutes I was able to compose both the tune and lyrics simultaneously for the song “PRARTHANAKKUTTHARAM NALKUNNONE”.

Lyrics & Music: P. D. John  I  Singer: Stanley Samuel
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