Vazhtheedume Vazhtheedume: P. D. John

The birth of the song, “VAZHTHEEDUME VAZHTHEEDUME was in Bangalore city. As I had mentioned before when I was ministering with the gospel team in Jalahalli, there was an Indian army wing nearby. I was staying close to the ground where the soldiers were given training.So I got to see the routine where the soldiers marched to the tune of the band. Suddenly I realized that the note played by the band got stuck in my heart. Immediately I was inspired,I took a pen and with the same tune I started writing the lyrics of the song ‘VAZHTHEEDUME VAZHTHEEDUME’.That’s how I wrote the song ‘VAZHTHEEDUME VAZHTHEEDUME’ listening to the note played by the band.For them it was just a note played by the band but when I surrendered and wrote a christian song using that same note,the world was benefited.Am not sure whether they had a song for that particular note but using that same note I was able to write a song which benefited everyone. 

Lyrics: P. D. John  I  Singer: Biju Soman
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