My Thoughts…….

Here are my thoughts,

which I feel inside my soul

Galloping  through the meadows as a

Wild horse who can’t be broke      

Through the trails of dreams ,it stroll,

With a never ending halt.

 Some are vague, some are clear

And some are painful, I feel my tears

Rolling through my cheeks,

In my deepest hours of sleep.

Sometimes I fall, sometimes I rose

But never cease to fight.

The whispering sounds of my thought,

aids in my desperate needs of hope.

I wonder when it starts and fear will it pause?

Or do I pass it on, to my daughter I love.

Don’t know ,how deep my thoughts can take 

Is it an ocean or a shallow lake?

Beyond my thoughts, who knows what lays

Maybe a comma or just a full stop.

The only thing for sure is that 

It’ll be beside  me, on my bumpy ride of life

Whatever I say ,wherever I go,

My thoughts are my own, no one can claim it on

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