Relationship with God

Building and Sustaining a relationship with God is one of the things you have to do in your spiritual journey. When you build a relationship with God, you are a NEW creation – the old has passed and behold the new has come. Our God is always a good friend to you and me and He is waiting to be your friend right now. So, how do you build a relationship with God?

You must give your heart to God and allow Him to take control no matter what the circumstance is. The most important principle to establishing a good relationship with God is to quiet our hearts before God. When you pray, you talk to him, just as you talk to your friend or your parents. God is willing to hear everything you pray from your day at school or work to your biggest problem you are facing right now. Having a relationship with God will make you think about your sins, it will make you think about your bad habits, your evil thoughts, your way of treating people. God will show your sins in front of your eyes so you could be able to ask forgiveness from God and to cleanse you. When you accept Jesus in your life and lead a life pleasing to Him, you become born again. When you are born again, you see the effects happening in your life without your knowledge, you will start bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

We live in this world of infinite distractions, our hearts are occupied with all manner of people, events, and things, thereby giving us very little time to quiet ourselves before God. Because our hearts are often drawn away from God, we are therefore incapable of knowing what God;s love is in its entirety. When we are without God’s guidance in our lives, we often end up stressed and exhausted in both body and mind. But we all have certainly experienced the power of prayer. When we look up to God, we are able to obtain God’s guidance and leadership, we become aware of what actions dislike God’s will, we’ll be able to love and care for each other and we’ll be able to forsake our worldly desires and let go of the things which are uncontrollable.

Moreover, when our relationship with God becomes our priority, we have God’s guidance in ALL things, we don’t feel lost, we don’t feel anxious because we know who’s in control. If we wish to build a relationship with God, then giving our hearts to God is of the utmost importance. We must consciously pray more and yearn for God’s love and grace. That way, we will be moved by the Spirit of God without us even being aware of it, and we will then be able to live peacefully always in God’s presence.

Can we invite Him into our hearts today?

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