Impacts of Covid

As the world is going through unpresented times of sickness here is a glimpse of how the sickness has affected our way of life


  • Kids get to spend more time with their parents
  • More time to spend praying
  • Less cars on the road =less pollution
  • More time to do chores at home
  • Less fast food and more healthy food
  • Less factory green house gases because less people working at company that produce green house gases into the air
  • More time to play video games and movies


  • No social interaction
  • Lots of people lost their job
  • People every day die from covid-19 and suffer from covid-19
  • Hard to keep schedules
  • Not able to visit other family
  • Less physical activity

Hopefully this unfortunate period that mankind is going through will serve as lesson in all of us to get above petty political, religious, nationalistic and racial polarization that we have been seen recently.

About Ian Anil Jacob

He is a student of San Francisco Mar Thoma Sunday School