What I missed during Quarantine

Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, there are so many things I missed during the Quarantine like not able to go on a vacation, not visiting my friend’s house, and last but not least, missing my baseball practice. These three activities are what I did during the spring and summer before COVID-19. These activities were very engaging however during this crisis, I had to maintain social distancing so as a result, I had to sacrifice these activities. This virus has not just affected my life but also everyone else lives. There are so many fun things about being able to go on a vacation.

People should take a vacation at least once in a while. It will help you relax at the same time it is a lot of fun. People dream of visiting places like Hawaii. It is a tropical island where people escape to have relaxation time. Last early spring my family went to Tahoe for a time in the snow, we had buffets, arcade games, and other fun activities. It wasn’t like we just sat in the hotel room the whole time ordering room service and watching TV shows. I also missed not being able to go to my friend’s house.

Whenever you get lonely you always want to go to your friend’s house to have fun and play games. During this crisis, people are not even allowed to go outside their house except to go get food and other needs for their survival. When we go to a friend’s house there are times when we gather around, enjoy a variety of food and bike together. We talk about characters, movies and games and fun times we had together. Baseball is one of the most common sports in the United States of America.

It was not a great baseball season this year. I was practicing for eight whole months preparing to ace it. Instead, it was cut short. I was hoping for a good season but I got the shortest season ever. I have been putting a lot of effort into baseball practice and it was helping me meet new people with the same interest. There are a lot of things that baseball can help me succeed in life. Like taking responsibility, being a good team player and sportsmanship.

Therefore, these activities that I used to do prior to COVID-19 pandemic took my mind off things. It helped me relax and hone my skills. I hope I succeed in the future by getting into the school baseball team.

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