If I can change one thing about the world what would it be…?

There are many things about the world which should be changed. The focus should be more on quality education for all , accommodation, health , survival and many more . There should be more openness to concepts that conflict with our own. We should think about global warming, crime, war, racism, terrorism,pollution, poverty, climate change etc . These are all things that would change many people
about the world but I want everyone to think bigger. Why are there so many problems in today’s world? Just two words: Human Greed.

If I could change one thing about the world, I’ll get rid of human greed.

Human greed is at the root of most of the greatest issues facing our planet. Greed is like a newborn seed growing into a poisonous vine, ultimately dominating the human mind like a contentious disease, which is spreading to every corner of society. We should all be grateful and contented for what God has given us in our lives and not be greedy for any things. I know that everyone has been in the same boat as me because it happens to me too.

My second reason why human greed is the thing I want to change in this world is that we failed to see how greed affects pollution. Due to our greed, global warming occurs. We were greedy and needed more products so we built more factories. Therefore, we saw coal as a cheap and efficient source of energy, so our factories began to use coal that causes pollution. In return, pollution caused global warming. My third and final reason is because during a war ,country leaders get greedy and want more for their countries. We should all be more loving and compassionate for others, instead of being selfish. Wait,isn’t being greedy a human nature? Yes absolutely. We are all greedy and that may never be changed because we think that greediness is something normal and ok to have.

I encourage you all to rethink your definition of greed. Contentment is a God given virtue. To be grateful for what you have is a BIG thing. The Bible talks a lot about being filled with gratitude – afterall human life is just but a breath.How much can we amass in this short life span ? Shouldn’t we be happy if we have a home to rest, food to eat , clothes to wear and people to love ? So let’s be more kind to one another , learn to love unconditionally , forgive as much as we can , help others and lets strive to make a better day for everyone rather than focusing on ourselves.

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