Dads Tell All!

A brief Interview with a few new dads:

Shino Kurian and daughter, Abigail Ann Kurian

Jimmy Pulimoottil Alexander and son, Asher Koshy Alexander

Mathews Shibu George and daughter, Grace Allie Mary George



We asked each new dad 5 questions.. and got some interesting responses.

1. How long have you been a dad?

Jimmy: 6 months (that I know of hehe)

Shino: 18 months

Shibu: 6 months and two days



2. What was your expectations before and how is it same/different from reality?

Jimmy: Expected baby to have more hair / Didn’t expect baby to smile a lot this early

Shino: Expectations before: Come home from work and enjoy a play time with baby girl
Reality: work stays home with me n baby

Shibu: Still getting cuddle 🥰 time with my significant other after being a dad, not so much after being a dad 🥺 baby gets most of the cuddle 🥰 time lol 😂



3. What do you wish you had known about being a dad?

Jimmy: Pets help with kid allergies 🤧

Shino: Everyone tells you that you would need a lot of patience, but nobody tells you how much.

Shibu: I wish I knew how sleep deprived I would be lol



4. What is the best thing of being a dad?

Jimmy: Patting on his back to make him burp post feeding ..just kidding – Cradling him in my arms to put him to sleep 🙂

Shino: Getting little tasks done from my baby

Shibu: Waking up next to my child every morning and watching her glaze into my eyes and give me the biggest smile 😊 you seen in the world!



5. Any messages/advice for your 10 year old child? ( It can be something you did and you would like your child not to do or do… It can be funny or philosophical 😀)

Jimmy: Don’t play with matches (rest of the story to be told later)

Shino: Daddy and mommy have done a lot of cooking and cleaning. Now time for you to take over.

Shibu: My child is not yet 10 yet but if she was, not to be naughty like her daddy when he was 10 lol 😂

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