Who is Santa?

One cold night, I was driving home with my 7-year-old son in the back seat. The twinkling of beautiful Christmas lights made the night look beautiful. The drive was silent with me was deep in thoughts about the tiring day I had in office. Suddenly my son, Reuben, spoke up excitedly.

“You know what Dad.. Santa is actually Jesus!!”

I was like ..eh.. what ? Where did this come from?

Reuben continued.. “ You see.. This is how it is”.

“Jesus should be old now, and having glasses. He would always want good for everyone. Santa does the same thing.
I think Jesus just disguises himself and goes around giving good things to everyone.”

I wanted to let Reuben know the facts about Santa, about how all this originated. But Reuben was in his own world; not listening to me and making more of his discoveries.

“You know, it is quite obvious.” He kept going. “We all are sinners; or atleast have sinned once in our life. Both Jesus and Santa never sinned in their life. So they kind of make a good combination. I think they are one.”

At some point, I understood I shouldn’t correct him; and rather seeit through his eyes. As long as he understands the reason behind Christmas, he is right in his understanding.

I would say my day ended up in a more happier note.

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