Standing on the Promises

In the pitch black byways of life,
I stumbled on my sins and fell.
In the surrounding murkiness I lost my way;
In the piercing silence, all seemed bleak.
A silver lining from a lone cloud shone above,
A gentle whisper through the night I heard,
“Fear not, I am with you,
Stand on my promise, is all I ask.”

Through the deafening noise of the crowd,
When I couldn’t hear even the shouts of my very soul
As the feeling of loneliness permeated through the horde
I felt there was no hope beyond.
A gentle touch on my shoulder, a loving caress,
Soft words through a benign smile
“I will guide you, take you home”
I knew I could stand on that promise.

When I floundered in the heavy rain of tears
As the thunder rolled, over the howling winds of doubt,
I thought back on His promises.
Promises of love, hope and future,
Promises of staying by my side no matter what,
Promises of healing, joy and an eternity.
I realized that I couldn’t face the storms and rains alone;
I had to stand on the promises of the lover of my soul.

Alone, I walked on the bridge of the in-between,
But strong reassuring hands held my frail, nimble hand.
However, tiny doubts began to raise their heads in my innermost being.
I looked up at Him; He smiled at my doubtful face.
Then, peace that surpasses all understanding filled my soul,
It covered me, engulfed me and I was lost in it.
I smiled, because even when I was walking to my final home with Him,
I was still standing strong on the promises of my Lord.

About Dhanya Elza Mathew

Secretary of San Francisco Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam & Young Family Fellowship - 2020 | MS/HS Math Teacher | Blessed beyond measure!