A Whisper Away


A Whisper Away is a personal prayer for comfort and peace amidst the chaos and quest for answers during the healing of the land.

A Whisper Away
Everyone is looking for something
To fill that empty space
Something big, something strong
Allowing none to take that place
When life turns its back on you
You feel the sense of rejection
Trying to win favors
No sense of direction
Call upon our Father..
No call goes unanswered
He is never too busy
His time is ‘Jesus- standard’
In this hustle -bustle life
It’s all about work,work,work
Take a step back 
And tune into the Lord’s Network
You don’t need to look around
For Something big, something strong
Just close your eyes,
Our Father is Just a whisper away

About Rachel Anish

Member of San Francisco Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam & Young Family Fellowship